Any Old Spring Won’t Do Us!


Any Old Spring Won’t Do Us!

Hi this is Gigi,

I’ve just spent an afternoon with our spring manufacturers, learning even more about how unique the XenPod spring truly is! Not only do we check every spring personally before assembling your XenPod, but every single spring is made to our special recipe and individually crafted by hand in the factory, by expert spring makers, using advanced technologies. Only the highest quality of galvanised steel is used and the quality standards are impeccable.

Our unique XenPod spring design was developed by Ian Pettitt, working alongside the experts in the factory many years ago. They cooked up the best secret recipe, to deliver the ideal health-bounce spring: which we now have exclusively on the XenPod. Thanks to their hard work, we can give you a no noise, no jarring, no shock to the body spring, with exactly the right calibration to give the correct health bounce speed – plus a very strong, but gentle bottom end. And wow, I just learnt that the combined loading strength is a minimum of 240 kilos. These classy coils are built to perform AND to last!

By the way, I have personally seen a Lymphacising veteran of many decades (who sells a cheaper brand) choose the XenPod bounce over all others as the best by far: from a test line up of 4 popular brands of Lymphacisers, including their own. Say no more.

I’m so excited to be assembling our next batch of brand new springs soon!

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